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VertiBaX: Core Lumbar Active Support VB120
A revolutionary lower back/core muscle support, for sufferers of LOWER BACK PAIN DURING EXERCISE: A hard wearing, supportive product; providing stability to the lower back and core muscle groups; during intense exercise; standard delivery 2-4 days. SIZE MEASURING AROUND TH..
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VertiBaX: Heavy Task Core Support VB121
A strong lower back support, stabilising core muscle groups DURING HEAVY EXERCISE OR MANUAL WORK with: Four additional removeable rigid, flexible polymer stays; provide additional versatile back support; Ideal for work involving heavy lifting; standard delivery 2-4 days. SIZE MEASUR..
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NEO-G: Wrap Around Waist Support NGPR79054
A versatile, flexible back support without stays, protecting the mid and lower back: Reduces unwanted twisting movements; that can cause further damage and injury to the mid and lower back; providing warmth and compression; aiding the recovery process; standard delivery 2-4 days. Un..