Best Lower Back Support Review

The VB121 VertiBaX Heavy Task Core Lumbar Back Support if often refered to by users as the best back support: Some of our Amazon customers report that it is:

Mr Wills: Very good to wear, is a good colour,  it is comfortable and is lasting well and I would buy again. Mr O'Brian says, I bought the large as only one available and it is "all round" great. Liv says it; Works well and provides back support to struggling painters and decorators! and JT just refers to it as being; Excellent!

So what makes it so effective? Firstly it is the shape of the product which sits on the Core Muscle Groups; the areas of the lower back from where all movement originates. Secondly it does not move whilst in use as most back supports do, and as a result you forget you are wearing it. It also has removeable stays in the back so that different levels of support can be created so it can be tailored to the needs of the user. Quite simply this product is just worth a try whether you are a sufferer of back pain or whether you do alot of manual work and would like to protect your lower back from injury; this is an ideal preventative back injury back support.

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