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Don't forget to buy your VertiBaX Lower Back Pain Relief Belt this Winter. Here's what it can do as explained:

on 28 March 2016 who purchased the Extra Large:  Extra     
Wish I had bought one of these years ago. From the moment I first put this on, I started noticing the difference. I have prolapsed disks, degenerative Disk disease and Osteoarthritis and these leave my back feeling really weak. As soon as I started using this belt, my core felt a lot more supported and stronger. Like I say, I wish I had bought one years ago. After seeing physios, and countless different specialists, not one has suggested using a belt like this. Could of saved my loads of aggro from my former employer due to sickness.  
on 7 April 2012 who purchased the Large:
I've not got a back problem as such but know several people who have and it is a life changing problem for them.
I am doing more and more DIY & gardening jobs and was beginning to experience lower back pain, which felt worse after a couple of hours relaxing.
So, believing prevention is better than cure I saw this mentioned in the Daily Mail Health pages and decided to try it.
I bought a large one and found I wanted to pull it tighter, so feeling some benefit anyway, I have now bought a medium one and have found that I experience very little reaction to DIY and gardening work, so to sum up, it definitely has helped me and I recommend it. If you have a back problem, I can't say whether or not it will help you, but for general ease of potential pain and discomfort, I'd say it's worth £30.
on 11 November 2012 who purchased the Small:
I am so pleased with this support, it really has made a huge difference to my everyday life. Now I can do the jobs without the pain that slowed me down before. It also fits so well it hides easily under clothes and 'Bonus' it hugs in an inch off my hips, no love handles. It keeps your back and bottom really toasty warm, nice for winter. Well worth every penny.
on 24 June 2017 who purchased a Medium:
This is the second of these I have bought. I have a chronicle spinal condition, my consultant doesn't recommend long term use, but the support it gives can be so impactive. can be a bit warm and sticky if used for long or active periods. Nonetheless, Highly recommended.
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