Support for sports injuries can be provided by using traditional neoprene supports bringing stability to a full range of injuries sustained from the bending and twisting movements experienced whilst taking part in your chosen activity; and through the use of massage aids, hot and cold therpy products and pain relief applications.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of sport specific products, selected by the SUPPORT4PHYSIO Sports and Exercise Science Specialists; helping the user prevent future injury as well as manage existing injuries, enabling you to work through a rehabilitation programme or enjoy your chosen activity for longer. 

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VertiBaX: Core Lumbar Active Support VB120
A revolutionary lower back/core muscle support, for sufferers of LOWER BACK PAIN DURING EXERCISE: A hard wearing, supportive product; providing stability to the lower back and core muscle groups; during intense exercise; standard delivery 2-4 days. SIZE MEASURING AROUND TH..
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VertiBaX: Heavy Task Core Support VB121
A strong lower back support, stabilising core muscle groups DURING HEAVY EXERCISE OR MANUAL WORK with: Four additional removeable rigid, flexible polymer stays; provide additional versatile back support; Ideal for work involving heavy lifting; standard delivery 2-4 days. SIZE MEASUR..
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VertiBaX: Patella Optimum Tension Brace VB203
A medically advanced Patella Brace, stabilising knee cap tracking: Ideal for the recovery process following a knee injury; helping to reduce inflammation of the knee joint; full range of fitments and tensions from a one size fits most product; standard delivery 2-4 days. The most medically ad..
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VertiBaX: Knee Active Sports Support VB115
A knee muscle joint support, for those who suffer from KNEE PAIN DURING EXERCISE; now available in black only: A Class 1 Medical Device; stabilising a weakened knee joint; preventing further knee injuries; with unique wrap around design; as used by professionals and the public; standard deli..
VBX: Thumb Optimum Tension Brace VBX202
A medically advanced, breathable thermal thumb support: Ideal for the recovery process following; thumb sprains, ligament damage and minor thumb fractures. Developed by SUPPORT4PHYSIO with medical practitioners for use in the NHS. Made from a breathable neoprene based antibacterial trea..
VertiBaX: Wrist Active Support VB112
A close fitting, versatile wrap around wrist support, providing: Strengthening support; for those who suffer from WRIST PAIN DURING EXERCISE. A Class 1 Medical Device; as used by the professionals and public; High density fabric conforms to the shape of the wrist; standard delivery 2-4 days...
VertiBaX: Elbow Sports Acitve Support VB109
A sporting elbow muscle joint support for those who suffer from ELBOW PAIN DURING EXERCISE: A Class 1 Medical Device; unique wrap around design; as used by professionals and the public. Velcro hook and loop closure system; allows a full range of adjustable compression fitments; standard delivery ..
VertiBaX: Ankle Active Sports Support VB106
A versatile product providing a full range of fitments: Supporting the ankle and achilles tendon; during increased levels of exercise; relieving ankle strains and pains; now available in black only; standard delivery 2-4 days. Wrap around ankle joint muscle support, with unique desi..
SISSEL: Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap SI4710.00
A cold compression wrist wrap providing essential initial First Aid to an injured wrist: Increasing the rate of recovery following a wrist injury, with; Pump to regulate pressure and level of compression. Slow-Flow gel remains cold for hours; and can be kept in the fridge and used as frequently a..
ST9612: Steroplast Reusable Hot/Cold Pack
Reusable fabric hot and cold pack, ideal for use for temporary relief from muscle aches, back pain, Simusitis and menstrual cramps. ..
TG38: Astroplast Heat/Cool Relief Spray
Heat Spray (125ml) is used for wintergreen massage: to help reduce the sensations of muscular pain and stiffness, rheumatic pain and sprains. Astroplast Cool Spray (150ml) instantly soothes muscular discomfort: and eases tense or tired muscles by rapidly cooling the skin over the af..
Dynamint: Sports Muscle Ache Rub DM012
Sold in 120ml bottles DYNAMINT can be used for over-worked and tired muscles resulting from a long day at work, competitive sports activity or exercise. More and more sufferes of joint and muscle pain, including sports people are discovering the benefits of this natural, fast-action cream: C..
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SI2210.02: SISSEL 10cm Spiky Ball Massager
Set of two; fast and easy massage, anytime – anyplace: Massage away muscle tensions; improves blood circulation; one-piece design, with valve; durable, made for years of use. Multiple uses: Pilates/Reflexology; ankle and foot mobilisation/Co-ordination. Colour: Blue ..
Steroplast: Sports Mini First Aid Kit ST8096
Providing all essential first aid equipment needed in an emergency when carrying out any sporting pursuit, including: Football. rugby, cricket, tennis, badminton, golf and cycling: Containing: Sterile bandage (1); blister plaster (1); 20ml eye wash pods (2); foil blanket (1); gloves (1 p..
Steroplast: Zinc Oxide Sports Tape 2.50 ST4057
A skin friendly, strong strapping tape for all First Aid situations: Role width 2.5cm/role length 10m; ideal for all dressings and first aid situations; as it tears by hand along its width and length; without compromising its strapping strength; with skin friendly adhesive, ensuring easy removal ..