In Car Seat Cushions

Ideal in car seat cushions should not only provide comfort but should aid perfect sitting posture provided by either seat wedge cushions to assist the "S" shaped curvature of the spine whilst driving, or in car lumbar supports to aid the natural spine structure.

SUPPORT4PHYSIO stock a full range of office chair seat cushions and we hope the links below will help you choose the most suitable posture aid and back pain relief solution.

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Harley: Memory Foam In-Car Support HL4081
An anatomically shaped in-car lumbar back support with memory foam filling which changes shape to fit your if made especially for you, bringing unrivalled stability and improved comfort; standard delivery 2-4 days. Its shape enhances perfect alignment of the spine; wi..
Harley: In-Car Standard Back Support HL4018
An anatomically shaped in-car lumbar back support, providing unrivalled stability and comfort; enhancing perfect alignment of the spine; relieving pressure and pain on a long drive; standard delivery 2-4 days. Adjustable elasticated strap; enables support to be held in position on the seat. ..
Harley: Slimline Car Seat Wedge HL4010
A firm foam filled posture enhancing in car shallow seat wedge; providing gentle support where height is limited. It is a shallow wedge shape to subtly improve the curve of the spine: It is portable and fits most chairs; making it ideal for; in-car; home or; office use; standard delivery 2-4 days..