Posture Support Belts

Posture support belts are often made of neoprene or cotton based fabric and are used to help maintan the "S" shaped curvature of the spine and in doing so aid perfect posture, which in turn relieves or prevents upper, mid or lower back pain.

SUPPORT4PHYSIO stock a full range of posture support belts and we hope the links below will help you choose the most suitable posture support back aid or back injury pain relief solution. If you require assistance selecting the most suitable strapping aid please Contact Us.

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VertiBaX: Core Lumbar Sensory Back Belt VB119
A revolutionary lower back pain relief belt; worn all day everyday, for sufferers of PERSISTENT LOWER BACK PAIN: A lightweight product, worn all day every day; providing warming, sensory benefits to lower back muscles; standard delivery 2-4 days. SIZE MEASUR..
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VertiBaX: Core Lumbar Active Support VB120
A revolutionary lower back/core muscle support, for sufferers of LOWER BACK PAIN DURING EXERCISE: A hard wearing, supportive product; providing stability to the lower back and core muscle groups; during intense exercise; standard delivery 2-4 days. SIZE MEASURING AROUND TH..
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VertiBaX: Heavy Task Core Support VB121
A strong lower back support, stabilising core muscle groups DURING HEAVY EXERCISE OR MANUAL WORK with: Four additional removeable rigid, flexible polymer stays; provide additional versatile back support; Ideal for work involving heavy lifting; standard delivery 2-4 days. SIZE MEASUR..
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NEO-G: Wrap Around Waist Support NGPR79054
A versatile, flexible back support without stays, protecting the mid and lower back: Reduces unwanted twisting movements; that can cause further damage and injury to the mid and lower back; providing warmth and compression; aiding the recovery process; standard delivery 2-4 days. Un..
Harley: Heavy Task Back Support Belt HL4032
A heavy task back support with a firm, removable rear pad: An easy fit product with front velcro fastenings; providing very high level support; protecting the back when carrying out heavy work; or during periods of high intensity exercise; standard delivery 2-4 days. Size: Measurement ar..