Now in our tenth year of trading SUPPORT4PHYSIO remains a unique UK company,  not only supplying high quality joint supports to the public and medical industry professionals but also manufacturing innovative Class 1 joint support products, registered with the Medical Healthcare Products regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Our market leading product is the VertiBaX: Core Lumbar Healthcare Sensory Belt VB119, purchased not only online from the S4P-JOINTSUPPORT store, amongst others but also available to order from your local High Street Boots store, helping thousands of back pain sufferers manage the pain enabling them to lead a normal life once again. It has truly revolutionised the management of lower back pain for so many people whether they have self diagnosed or whether they are undergoing a course of physiotherapy treatment. These are exciting times as we work with the latest fabrics, refined from world leading polymers, to manufacture joint supports that enhance the body's natural biomechanics, bringing true benefit to the user.

Our manufacture service is fully available to the public should you have a favourite joint support you would like repairing or remaking. All you need to do is to get in touch via our Contact Form which gives you direct access to our sport and exercise biochemists and the manufacturing team.