SUPPORT4PHYSIO stocks a broad range of products that are used throughout the medical profession and sports industry, from all essential First Aid Equipment to massage tables and treatment tables to water bottles and carriers. The range of products stocked in this store expands and changes frequently to keep up with the latest in medical technological development in the treatment of joint injuries. SUPPORT4PHYSIO stock a full range of joint supports;  four significant products being listed below, used frequently by the public and practitioners to aid with joint support and the enhancement of the body's natural posture. Please refine your search by following the links below:

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VertiBaX: Core Lumbar Sensory Back Belt VB119
A revolutionary lower back pain relief belt; worn all day everyday, for sufferers of PERSISTENT LOWER BACK PAIN: A lightweight product, worn all day every day; providing warming, sensory benefits to lower back muscles; standard delivery 2-4 days. SIZE MEASUR..
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Harley: Memory Foam In-Car Support HL4081
An anatomically shaped in-car lumbar back support with memory foam filling which changes shape to fit your if made especially for you, bringing unrivalled stability and improved comfort; standard delivery 2-4 days. Its shape enhances perfect alignment of the spine; wi..
Harley: Designer Coccyx Seat Wedge HL4023
A memory foam filled seat wedge, providing an 8 degree sitting angle designed to restore the natural 'S' curve of the spine: The Coccyx area of the wedge is cut out to produce less pressure on the base of the spine, to specifically help sufferers of lower back pain; standard delivery 2-4 day..
Harley: Large Firm Lo-Line Neck Pillow HL4280
A firm , low lying, large size versatile neck pillow, providing: Mouldable support to the neck and head; enhancing the alignment of the spine; relieving neck pain- for smaller framed people; standard delivery 2-4 days. All pillows vary according to their size on the bed, their height off the ..