Clinic tables, also known as massage tables play an important part in providing effective massage therapy during the injury rehabilitation process, whether the therapy is to take place at a sports therapy clinic or be delivered by a mobile massage therapist.

SUPPORT4PHYSIO stock a full range of massage tables, inversion tables and therapy chairs, with every accessory available. If you require assistance selecting the most suitable back care aid please Contact Us.

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SI3400.00: SISSEL Stress Relieving Inversion Table
Hang upside down to relieve stress from physical activities such as: Sports and exercise; bending; lifting; long periods of sitting or; standing; caused by increasing pressure on the muscles and joints in the spinal column; leading to compression, rotation fatigue and stiffness. Rev..
SI4950.00: SISSEL Basic Portable Massage Table
Portable massage couch comes with: Removable breath hole; pleasant and soft cushioning aiding relaxation, helping towards a perfect massage; viscoelastic memory foam top layer (for comfort) bonded to a layer of high density foam (for stability) to produce a durable foam bed; lightweight and easy ..
SI4960.00: Sissel Deluxe Portable Massage Table
Portable massage couch delivered: Complete with arm rest, adjustable headrest and carry case; pleasant and soft cushioning aids relaxation helping towards a perfect massage; Visco elastic memory foam top layer (for comfort) bonded to a layer of high density foam (for stability) to produce a durab..
SI4965.00: SISSEL Table Accessories Pack
Massage table accessory pack: Add extra functions to your Sissel Basic Portable Massage Table; height adjustable headrest; arm rest. ..
SI4980.00: SISSEL Pro Alu Treatment Chair
Lightweight and portable: Can be used in physiotherapy, orthopaedics, natural therapy; secure and stable treatment of all patients; the headrest and thorax pads are height adjustable, the angle of the headrest is also adjustable; 7 separate adjustments can be made to the chair; headrest with open..
SI7000.01: SISSEL Massage Table Face Pad
Ideal aid for any massage couch, plinth or table with a small or no breathing hole; moulded polyurethane foam with soft durable cover, designed for patient comfort; can be kept clean and hygienic by using "alcohol-wipes" but baby wipes are better as they do not denature the fabric ..