Managing hernia pain, whether it be from a groin hernia or an abdominal hernia  is a real challenge with the most up to date medical research suggesting that depending on the size of the hernia, pain can be managed used effective abdominal or groin hernia supports. As a result SUPPORT4PHYSIO have selected a range of most effective hernia support products to help eleviate and manage hernia pain. If you have a hernia condition it is always best to consult a qualified medical practitioner to help you select the most appropriate device. If you require assistance purchasing the most suitable hernia support aid please call us on 01729 841114.

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ST9612: Steroplast Reusable Hot/Cold Pack
Reusable fabric hot and cold pack, ideal for use for temporary relief from muscle aches, back pain, Simusitis and menstrual cramps. ..
TG38: Astroplast Heat/Cool Relief Spray
Heat Spray (125ml) is used for wintergreen massage: to help reduce the sensations of muscular pain and stiffness, rheumatic pain and sprains. Astroplast Cool Spray (150ml) instantly soothes muscular discomfort: and eases tense or tired muscles by rapidly cooling the skin over the af..
Dynamint: Sports Muscle Ache Rub DM012
Sold in 120ml bottles DYNAMINT can be used for over-worked and tired muscles resulting from a long day at work, competitive sports activity or exercise. More and more sufferes of joint and muscle pain, including sports people are discovering the benefits of this natural, fast-action cream: C..
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