Hot and cold therapy plays an essential role in joint injury rehabilitation, with cold therapy cold therapy being the Ice part of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) when applying First Aid at the scene of an accident.

SUPPORT4PHYSIO stock a full range of cool and warm therapy treatments and we hope the links below will help you choose the most suitable product for the application. If you require assistance selecting the most suitable back care aid please Contact Us.

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Thermedic: Lower Back Heated Support TM140
The Thermedic Pro-Wrap provides three recognised lower back pain relief therapies in one product, ideal for home based treatments for sufferers of persistent lower back pain. Heat therapy is provided by FAR infra-red, warming deep into injured muscle tissue in the lower back, helping to relieve m..
SISSEL: Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap SI4710.00
A cold compression wrist wrap providing essential initial First Aid to an injured wrist: Increasing the rate of recovery following a wrist injury, with; Pump to regulate pressure and level of compression. Slow-Flow gel remains cold for hours; and can be kept in the fridge and used as frequently a..
ST9612: Steroplast Reusable Hot/Cold Pack
Reusable fabric hot and cold pack, ideal for use for temporary relief from muscle aches, back pain, Simusitis and menstrual cramps. ..
TG38: Astroplast Heat/Cool Relief Spray
Heat Spray (125ml) is used for wintergreen massage: to help reduce the sensations of muscular pain and stiffness, rheumatic pain and sprains. Astroplast Cool Spray (150ml) instantly soothes muscular discomfort: and eases tense or tired muscles by rapidly cooling the skin over the af..