Massage plays an essential part in the injury rehabilitation and injury prevention process, whether it be applied by hand, through spiky ball massagers or via a professional electrical massager, massage therapy can bring great benefit to sporting performance or a feeling of well-being.

SUPPORT4PHYSIO stock a full range of electrical and non electrical massagers and massage oils ideal for home or professional use.

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Ancient Wisdom: Ribbed Foot Roller AWMASS-04
Provides a soothing massage for the sole of the foot, relieving the "ache" from tired feet. Place the massager on the floor and your foot on the massager and simply roll your foot backwards and forwards accordingly until the tiredness has gone ..
Sissel: Cobblestone Walkway SI8800.00
Cobblestone walking is an ancient health enhancing practice that has been known in China for thousands of years. Recent research from the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) has confirmed that reduced blood pressure and better balance can be achieved by simply taking a daily, barefoot walk on the..
Sissel: Fun Massager SI4300.02
Small and convenient massager. Offers a deep or superficial massage. Ideal for trigger point treatment. Easy and functional applications. Enhances circulation and relaxes muscles. Reduces stress on your hands and fingers. Colour options: Blue, Green, Purple, ..
Sissel: Egg-Roller Massager SI2110.00
Different sized and shaped "knobs" on wheels, produce a relaxing massage. Easy to hold and use with the palm sized "Egg" shaped handle. ..
Sissel: Super King Size Roller SI2130.00
Ideal for massaging away tired and aching feet; large enough for both feet at once ..